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Distilled Water for CPAP Machines

Most CPAP machine manufacturers recommend using distilled water for CPAP machines, and the reason for this is simple. CPAP machines are designed to provide continuous positive air pressure for the user, so airways stay open at night. It is widely prescribed to those with sleep apnea, and “over 8 million people in the USA use these devices yearly, with an increase of about 8% a year.” 1 Taking care of oneself is even more critical if suffering from sleep apnea, as it is also associated with other illnesses like diabetes, heart disease, and high blood pressure.

Why Use Distilled Water for CPAP?

Distilled Water is Pure Water

Distilled water is recommended for CPAP machines because it is free from bacteria, viruses, and nearly all known and unknown contaminants that can be found in tap water. No one wants to spend the entire night breathing in a mist of bacteria, lead, viruses, or other potential contaminants. Consider outbreaks of legionella, lead found in municipal water pipes, water mains that can break and mix with sewer lines causing bacterial contamination, or industrial dumping that has caused people to flock toward bottled water thinking that it is safer. But is bottled water safer?

The Downside of Bottled Water

Some consider bottled water to be the answer to their CPAP worries. However, many bottled water brands simply filter tap water. This water is still not clean or pure enough to be used in a CPAP machine. Bottled distilled water can suffer from the same quality problems as other bottled waters, and the plastic jugs can make the water seem dead and stale. This is the reason why many think distilled water isn’t for drinking, but that is incorrect. Distilled water is the best drinking water. Finally, bottled water or jugs are a hassle to purchase and bring home and not environmentally friendly. Did you know that only 9% of plastic gets recycled?2 There is no guarantee that bottled water will always be available in stores! Consider times when people are stocking up before a storm or even the most recent pandemic, bottled water was hoarded by some, leaving none for others. Having a home water distiller, is a way to take control of your own water supply.

Hard Water vs. Distilled Water

You are likely familiar with the hard water buildup on sinks and tubs if you live in an area with hard water. Most get a water softener to reduce this buildup, but did you know minerals like calcium and magnesium cause that buildup? This same hard water causes crusty scale in teapots, irons, and CPAP machines. Using distilled water helps keep your CPAP machine free of this annoying buildup as the distillation process leaves hard minerals behind.

Buy a Convenient Water Distiller for Home Use

The price of distilled water per gallon is lower when you purchase a home water distiller. Moreover, there are so many great uses for distilled water! Most importantly, distilled water is so clean and fresh that most people find themselves drinking more water than ever before. As we all know, drinking water is the healthy alternative to soda, juice, or other sugary drinks. Distilled water is also used for cooking, soups, making crystal clear ice cubes, and baking. In addition to consumptive uses, distilled water is used for humidifiers, irons, and, of course, CPAP machines.

CPAP machines pull air from your environment.

Make sure the room in your air is purified with an indoor air filter. Having filtered air in your bedroom at night can help reduce allergy symptoms and nasal irritation.

The Convenience of Distilled Water at Home

Have your own supply of distilled water with one of our manual countertop water distillers or our fantastic automatic water distillers. Distilled water can be used for clean, fresh drinking water, ice, cooking, baby formula, plants, pets, for irons, humidifiers, and much more. Say no to bottled water and plastic waste and protect yourself and your family from known and unknown contaminants.

Mini Classic Countertop Water Distiller

With a capacity of approximately 3 liters per three and one-half hour cycle, this manually filled distiller is perfect for a single user, renters or a small family. It’s also perfect for use in a camper or RV, or taken to a second home for distilled water enjoyment away from home.

Midi Classic Automatic Water Distiller

The Midi Classic Automatic Water Distiller has the capacity to make one gallon of distilled water every three and one-half hours and is the ideal unit for a family or small business. This distiller holds approximately five gallons of pure water in its stainless steel holding tank.

Mega Classic Automatic Water Distiller

If you desire the ultimate in convenience and faster production, the Mega-Classic Automatic Water Distiller is perfect for you! It produces 12 gallons of distilled water per day and is equipped with a 10 storage tank.

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